How To Change Ego String Trimmer

How To Change Ego String Trimmer

How To Change Ego String Trimmer: Trimmers are widely used to maintain courtyard and lawns. They can be an efficient tool to increase the beauty of your courtyard. They can come in different designs and sizes. They can use different power sources and all of them can have advantages and disadvantages.

How To Change Ego String Trimmer

With the improvement of these products over the years and better durability has increased the demand of such products. Cordless trimmers which use battery as a power source have been liked over the years due to better performance and improved battery timings. If you are using an ego trimmer you may be required to change the string of the trimmer over the period of time.

You can change the string of an ego trimmer following some easy steps:

Remove the battery for safety:

The first step to change the string of a trimmer is to ensure the safety. You should remove the battery and clean it before you should start to change the string of ego trimmer.

Press the release tab on spool retainer:

  • Now you want to open the spool to change the string. Look for small release tabs on the spool retainer of your trimmer.
  • You should push these tabs to release the spool retainer and you can remove it by pulling it straight out after pressing those tabs.

Remove the spool:

  • Once you have removed the spool retainer then you can reach the spool.
  • You can easily remove the spool of your device by simply lifting it off the inner surface.

Clean the inner surface of spool base:

After removing the spool then you should clean the inner surface of spool base with a cloth as it can get dusty over the period of time.

Check different parts for the wear and tear:

  • After cleaning you should inspect the parts of trimmer like spool retainer, spool and spool base if they are in good shape or not. If any part is damaged you should replace it. You can buy parts of trimmer for replacement at some hardware store.
  • Once you are satisfied that all the parts of trimmer are good then you can proceed to the next step.

Cut the string for winding:

  • The string required for different models to wind can be different but usually it can be 16 to 18 feet for ego trimmer.
  • You should cut about 18 feet of string and fold it in half.
  • You should extend one side more than the other by a few inches.

Winding the spool:

  • Now you can start winding the string of ego trimmer.
  • You can start by hooking the folded end of cutting line in one of the slots of the spool.

Look for the direction to wind:

You should look for the direction to wind in on the spool cover and start winding in that direction.

Wind if you wind it in opposite direction?

If you wind the string in opposite direction then the bump head will operate incorrectly.

You should wing the string smoothly by forming layer over layer. If you can wind it layer after layer then you should be able to prevent tangling of strings.

Place ends of string in opposite notches:

  • Once you are finished with the winding then you should place the string in opposite notches of spool.
  • You should not wind the string completely and leave few inches of spring behind.

Align the notches with eyelets of spoon retainer:

You should align the notches of spool with the eyelets of the spool retainer and then carefully place the spool in the retainer with correct orientation.

Put the string in the eyelets:

  • Now after you placed the spool in the retainer then you should grab the line and release it from the notch.
  • You should then put the string in the eyelet with spool and retainer in your hand.

Check the spring of spool base:

You should check if the spring is properly located in the spool base. You should check if spring is loose or it comes out when you open if so then you are required to place it back properly. You can do it by pressing it back make sure it is fix in its place.

Fix the spool base to its place:

  • After checking the spring you can fix spool base to its place with its face down.

Align he tabs on the spool retainer with slots on spool base:

  • You can easily align the slots on the spool base with the slots of spool retainer.

Press the retainer down:

  • When the slots of base are aligned with the slots of retainer then you can press it down evenly to fix it in place.

Reconnect the battery of ego trimmer:

  • When the string of the trimmer is properly changed then you can reconnect the battery to work again.

Test the ego trimmer if it is working well:

  • Once you are satisfied with the new string and completed the above procedure then you can test it. You can do some cutting to make sure trimmer is working up to the expectation.

Which string can you use for ego trimmer:

  • Different models can use different stings but ego trimmers usually work best with string having 0.095 inches diameter and capability to twist well.

How to start and off your string trimmer?

  • When you have charged and installed your sting trimmer you can start it following simple instructions.
  • You will see a top lock off lever on the trimmer and a trigger on the lower side.
  • When you pull the lock off trigger the supply of power will start to trigger but it will not start as long as you don’t pull the trigger along with the lever off lock.
  • You can now operate to trim some trees and grass.
  • You can turn it off by simply releasing lock off lever and trigger.

Final Thought:

You can maintain your lawn using simple ego trimmer which is highly effective and light weight. You may be required to change the string of trimmer after sometime and you can do it following some easy steps as explained.

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