How To Change Trimmer Line On Ryobi Expand It

How To Change Trimmer Line On Ryobi Expand It

How To Change Trimmer Line: A good trimmer with quality can save your time, money and energy especially when they are easy to use and maintain. Ryobi expand-it is one of the top trimmers looking at the quality and ease of maintenance. It can do trimming at narrow angles, under the benches and around obstacles due to its shaft attachment. It can come with 3 years of warranty.

How To Change Trimmer Line On Ryobi Expand It

When to replace trimmer line of Ryobi expand-it?

  • You would require to change the trimmer line of your Ryobi expand-it at the start of season and it should be good to use for the season if you are using it for your garden. But if you are using it more than that you may need to change the line after some time.

Why would you require to change the trimmer line?

  • It is best to change the trimmer line at the start of season because it may get brittle during the winter season and you may be required to change it in case of rough use. The trimmer line may get weaker if trimmer is being used on thick weeds and strong branches.

What type of trimmer line can you use for Ryobi expand-it trimmer?

  • There are different types of trimmer lines available for trimmers based on their specifications and design. This may include round lines, square lines and other titanium lines and these lines are available in different sizes in terms of diameters.
  • Most commonly used trimmer lines have diameter of 0.080 inch and some of them also uses 0.095 inch diameter of lines if the trimmer is being used on thicker weed.

Ryobi expand-it can come in single and dual-sided spool:

  • Ryobi expand-it can have single or dual-sided spool depending on the model and requirements.

How can you change the trimmer line of Ryobi expand-it?

You can change the trimmer line of Ryobi expand-it using some simple steps.

Remove the power unit:

You need to remove the power unit to assure safety while you restring the line of your trimmer.

Remove the knob cover:

  • You should remove the knob cover to reach the inner reel. Once you open the outer cover you can reach the spool. Now you can discard any line present on the spool.

Take the spool out:

  • Once you can reach out the spool you can open the bump head knob.

Wind the spool:

  • To wind a dual-sided spool you should look for the hole in the spool .
  • The spool has one hole on each side of it. You just need to feed the line through the hole and pull it through so that you can have an equal amount of line on both sides of the spool.

Alignment of holes:

  • Arrangement of holes in the Spool of Ryobi expand-it trimmer is such that whenever you are trying to wind it will push the lines into one of the channels making it easier to wind.
  • You can go through the whole line like that to complete winding.
  • Once you are done with the winding then you can put the spool back into trimmer head.

Line up both sides of trimmer lines with the eyelets on thee trimmer head:

  • Now once you are done with winding you can line up the spool according to holes present on the trimmer head to properly feed the lines through the holes.

Slide the head over the shaft:

  • Once you have winded the spool properly you can slide the head over the shaft to fix it.

Put back bump head knob:

  • Now you should put bump head knob back to its position usually it has a spring so you would need to push it slightly and rotate it to set it back.

Second method to change the trimmer line on Ryobi expand-it:

  • You can also follow the second method to change the trimmer line of the equipment. This is relatively easier as you do not have to remove the bump head knob and spool of your trimmer.

Specifications of the trimmer line:

  • Also in this method you have to follow the specifications for your line according to your model.
  • You can simply change the trimmer line of Ryobi expand-in trimmer by following some easy steps.

Look for the arrows on the outer cover:

  • You need to look for the arrows on the cover and rotate the trimmer spool so that arrows are aligned with the line on the lower surface.
  • This line will be corresponding to the hole through which string will come off.

Pass the string through the hole:

  • Then you should look for the string usually it can be about 10 feet but depends on which model you are using.
  • Now pass the string through the aligned holes from one side to other.
  • Pull the string to balance it on both sides of the spool.

Find the direction of rotation on the cover:

  • Now you should find the direction on the cover of trimmer which will be the direction of spool to be rotated in.

Rotate the spool to wind the string:

  • Now you should start rotating the spool and string will be winded. Dual-sided spool inside the cover will wind the string and it will not unwind if you move it in opposite direction.

Trim the string if it is not even:

  • If you do not get even string at the end you can easily trim the string to make it even.
  • Now your trimmer line on Ryobi expand-in is changed and it is good for work.
  • This method to string the trimmer is a lot more productive and much easier as you do not have to open or unscrew any parts of trimmer and it can be done very quickly and saves time.

Final Thought:

We have explained two methods to change trimmer line on Ryobi expand-it. You can follow any of the methods to do the task but second one is lot more easily, productive and time saving and we recommend following that which is known as Ryobi’s method

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