How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

how to install dewalt trimmer line

Install Dewalt Trimmer Line: A Dewalt trimmer can be best equipment to remove unwanted grass and overgrown plants. With technology being an integral part of our life we always look for new sophisticated equipment to make our life easier.

How To Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

A dewalt trimmer line is best for its cordless cutting efficiency. This trimmer line is very flexible and has good ability to resist the impacts. The durability and quality of this line makes it efficient for longer use. Most commonly used trimmers have a trimmer line with diameter of 0.080 inches.

When to replace a trimmer line:

The trimmer line should be replaced when it is brittle. As a brittle line can easily break. Most of the times it can turn brittle in winter season so you should replace it at the start of season. It also has a chance to wear down faster if you are using it on thicker weeds and hard surfaces.

How to install dewalt trimmer line:

Remove The Battery:

First important thing you need to do is that you should remove the battery from the equipment.

Locate white blocking indicator knob:

You need to find white blocking indicator knob and push it down and turn clockwise to unlock. The indicator knob should move away from spool window which will indicate that it is unlocked.

Pull the spool cap out to remove it:

Once spool cap is unlocked, you just need to pull it out straight to remove it.

Remove the old trimmer line and clean it:

If your trimmer has an already existing line you should remove it and do some cleaning. If it doesn’t has one then you are good to install a new one.

Cutting trimmer line:

The next step you have to do is to cut the new trimmer line. It should be cut about 20 feet which should be good enough for your trimmer.

Insert trimmer line in jamming hole:

After cutting trimmer line now cut piece should be inserted into the jamming hole and start winding on the spool in the indicated direction. You can look for the direction to be winded in on the cover.

Wind neatly in line:

Once you are sure about the direction of winding you can start winding. Try to stay in line and wind it neatly and do not overlap the lines.

When to push the line into the holding slot?

When the wound line remains 40 inches from the end you should push the line into the holding slot on one side of spool in holding place.

Repeat the process for the other side:

The process will be same for the other side as well as it is a dual-sided spool in the dewalt trimmer.

Inserting spool into body:

Now you need to pass each line of spool through two holes on either side of trimmer head into spool housing.

Push down on the cap:

After feeding lines on each side you should push down on the cap.

Pull out both sides of trimmer line:

Now you need to pull out both sides of trimmer head so that the spool cap will fit into its place and white indicator must lock back into original place. After that trimmer head can be used for operation as it is fully loaded.

Styles of trimmer lines:

There are many types of trimmer lines as they can come in different sizes and qualities. The type of trimmer line you need depends on the conditions in which you trimmer is being used.

Rounded line:

You can get rounded line which is very much affordable and preferred string for small devices.

Square line:

Square line is expensive than round line but it comes with better qualities. It can tackle heavy weeds and stronger plants. It is much bigger and thicker line which is potentially capable of ripping everything in its path. The design of this line makes it best to deal with heavy loads and even trees with minimum wear.

6-blade trimmer line:

6-blade trimmer line is used for high-wheel trimmers. This line is mostly used for professional landscaping due to its high durability. It can cope with any condition with ease.

Titanium string trimmer line:

Titanium string trimmer line is one of the most durable strings available but they can be on the expensive side. Titanium strings can give faster acceleration, high performance and it can minimize the need to change string line more often.

Sizes of trimmer lines:

Trimmer lines can come in different sizes. They can have different diameters which can be used for different purposes. But if you want to study all of them you can break them into different categories based on their size and ability to tackle the thickness of weed.

For small weed: you can use trimmer line having diameter from 0.55 to 0.75 inches. If you are trying to whack weeds from your lawn or any residential maintenance. This trimmer can work for you.

Medium weed: can be removed by using trimmer line having diameter from 0.75 to 0.105 inches. If you have a garden where you need to clip some branches and thicker weed this size trimmer wire can do the work.

The wires with greater diameter than that are used for professional landscaping work. If you are looking to maintain your garden or any lawn or driveway you are not required to buy that.

Final Thoughts:

You can easily install a dewalt trimmer line by following some steps explained in this article but one important thing to look for while buying a trimmer line is that you should read your models user manual to know what types of wire your model accepts. You need to make sure that you are buying a trimmer line compatible with your model.

You should also take care of maintenance of your equipment and changing trimmer line at the start of season can be a good option for that. With so many trimmers available in market having different sizes and styles you can always choose one which is best suited for your needs and dewalt trimmer can be a good choice for its quality and durability.

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