How To String A Weed Eater

How To String A Weed Eater

How To String A Weed Eater: A weed eater is used to clean up the weeds and it is one of the lovely collections to maintain your courtyard. If you have one of those weed eaters you may need to string them some time and if you are unaware of how to do it you do not need to worry.

How To String A Weed Eater

Stringing a weed eater can be a challenge especially if you are doing it for the first time. Most of the weed eaters available in market are user-friendly still stringing a weed eater for a new user can be hard. Understanding your struggle we are trying to make it easier for you by guiding you through step by step so that you can do it easily.

How can we string a weed eater:

  • Stringing a weed eater can vary with some models and specifications. First that you need to look in a weed eater whether its a single string or a double string and then you can follow some simple steps to get going.

Always read your user manual when you buy a weed eater:

  • If you were following some method to string a weed eater and you bought a new one then it may not work with some of the newest models.
  • Using instruction manuals you can easily find all the specifications you need to string a certain weed eater. These specifications include size of the string you are going to need for a specific weed eater. And it will provide all necessary information you need to do the task so you should never ignore user manuals.

Never try to string with different types of string:

  • If you are trying to string your weed eater with different sizes and types of string that is not a good thing to do and you may end up messing for weed eater badly and it may permanently damage.

Commonly used string lines:

  • Most commonly used sizes for gas-powered weed eaters ranges from 0.075 to 0.095 inches but for the weed eater you are using you must consult instructions manual.
  • Once you are aware of all the specifications and the string you are going to use for your weed eater you can proceed to the next step.

Open the spool of weed eater:

  • You can open the spool of weed eater by simply pushing the knob down and rotate it clockwise and then simply push it upward to remove it.
  • In some models you have to remove the head of weed eater from the body before you are going to be able to remove the spool. In that case you should open the nuts of the head to remove it and once you complete your work you need to reassemble it.

Find the length of string you need and cut accordingly:

  • After reaching for the exact size and type of string your weed maker needs you should cut the string according to your requirement which can be 15 to 20 feet.
  • If you have a dual-sided weed eater you should cut equal string for both sides.

Start stringing your weed eater:

  • Now it’s time to start stringing your weed eater. You can start by looking for a small hole at the center of the spool. Put the string in the hole and push it in about half an inch. Make sure hole is properly grabbing the string before you can move on.
  • If your model of weed eater is dual-sided make sure to repeat the process for both sides.
  • After inserting string in the hole you can start winding in the required direction. Always try to wind it neatly and try to avoid crossing of strings. You should form a layer while winding and then second layer to avoid tangling of string.
  • When winding is almost complete leave behind few inches of string after pushing the string into holding slot. You have to do it for the both sides.
  • If your model is one of those where you need to remove the head of weed eater before you can string it then it’s time for you to place the head back and attach screws to tight it.
  • Now you need to insert the spool in the body with two strings from either side going into two sides of spool housing.
  • Then you should pull strings slightly on both sides so that spool fits back to its position.
  • Now machine is ready to be able to turn on and clear weeds and grass.

How to string some modern sophisticated weed eater:

Some of the best weed eaters have the easiest ways to string them.

Echo weed eater:

  • One of the latest and best weed eaters available in market. You can string an echo weed eater within 90 sec which is incredible.
  • You just need to align knob of weed eater with the hole then you need 20 feet of string to pass through the hole. Make sure to line up both strings equally.
  • The string can simply be loaded by turning a large knob on top of the trimmer head.
  • It is one of the fast moving weed eater with the ability to be loaded in the minimum amount of time.
  • It is perfectly balanced for vibration free operation. It can be the equipment to improve productivity in short time.

Ryobi weed eaters:

Ryobi weed eaters are designed for large lawns. It also has the ability to restring quickly.

Some of the easy steps to restring it are:

  • First of all you need to identify the string you need.
  • Then you should cut the wire about 15 feet.
  • Wind the spool and rotate exterior part so arrow can meet with interior part.
  • Pass the string through the holes leaving 5 inches as cutting line.
  • You can push the string and lock the spool and your weed eater is ready to work.

Final Thoughts:

You can string a weed eater by simply following some steps which are explained above and some of the modern weed eaters can be so easy to string that they can take as minimum as 90 sec to be ready to work again.

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