How To String A Weed Wacker

How To String A Weed Wacker

How To String A Weed Wacker: A weed wacker is a sophisticated tool that can be used for maintenance of lawns and drive ways and to even get rid of thick weeds depending on the size and type of weed wacker. A best weed wacker will have the quality of durability but no matter how good your weed wacker can be eventually it will require changing the string. The old string can get brittle over the period of time and sometimes rough use of your weed wacker can also cost you some trimmer line.

How To String A Weed Wacker

It may look a bit difficult to string a weed wacker but it is a relatively easy task if you can follow some steps with a proper method. Here we are trying to explain some easy methods to string a weed wacker. It will enable you to string your weed wacker so that you can start trimming your lawn in a quick time.

A weed wacker can come in different types, designs and specification. We can try to break it down based on number of strings a weed wacker can require.

Types of weed wackers on basis of number of strings:

Weed wackers can be of two main types based on the number of strings they are using.

Single line weed wackers:

Single line weed wackers are simplest of them using only one string. We can string a weed wacker with a single line by following some easy steps.

Know the specifications and type of string you need:

  • There are several designs of strings available in market having different specifications. They are designed for small weed wackers to use in lawns and household to large size weed wackers that are used in professional landscaping.
  • If you trying to string a weed wacker for your lawn you may require a string having diameter of 0.080 inches.
  • If you are not sure about what type of string you need you should never guess it after going to a hardware store. All you need to do is look for instruction manuals or manufacturer’s guide so that you can know about the specifications of string your weed wacker needs.

Cut the line according to requirement of your weed wacker:

  • When you bought the line for your weed wacker with right specifications and type. Now you should cut the string according to requirement of your equipment. Normally a weed wacker for lawn requires a string of about 15 to 20 feet. But you can always cut it short if it is too much for your weed wacker.

Make sure to turn off the equipment and remove batteries:

  • Remove batteries and turn off engines and if your weed wacker has a gearbox let it cool down to avoid any accidents.

Remove the cap of your weed wacker:

  • You can remove the cap of your device by pressing the knob and rotating it clockwise then a small upward force can help you to pick it out.

Removing Caps from Different Models:

  • You may require to adopt different methods to remove the cap of a weed wacker depending on the model
  • Some just follow the simple methods where you can press the knob and rotate it to push it out.
  • Some other models of weed wackers may require to remove the head of the weed wacker before removing the cap for spool.
  • Some other models can also use other methods to remove the spool so you should always consult manufacturer’s manual to know the exact method to follow for your weed wacker.

Look for the hole in the middle of spool called starter hole:

  • A spool will always have a hole in the middle known as starter hole you should insert the string in this hole and make sure that hole is holding the string and start winding.

Winding a single line:

  • You can start winding once you are sure that hole is holding the string properly. Try to wind as neatly as possible to avoiding tangling of string. It is always better to do it layer after layer which can make winding smoother.
  • Then you can finish winding once 6 inches of line remaining and you should snap it in the retainer of spool which can hold it in place.

Fix the spool back into spool housing:

  • Once winding of spool is completed now you can fix the spool back to its position. If your model works with removing of head then you should reassemble it. You can easily put the spool in the weed wacker by pulling the string through the slot in the housing and stretch it slightly to make sure that it has fit in well.
  • Now you can put back the cap and your single line weed wacker is good to work.

Weed wackers with dual-sided strings:

  • For dual sided weed wackers you would also need to take care of specifications and type of string you are going to use. To look for that manufacturer’s guide is always the best option. You can also consult customer service department for help.
  • You can also wind dual-sided spool by following steps used for single line weed wackers.
  • When are doing it for dual sided you have to locate holes in spool, insert string in them, then start winding neatly and avoid tangling of strings then put the spool back to housing and fit it in and its good to work. You have to follow all these steps for both sides in a dual-sided weed wacker and you are good to go.

How to string speed-feed weed wackers?

  • Speed-feed weed wackers are one of the best based on the quality and the minimum time they require to be able to work again once they require to change trimmer line.
  • You can restring some of them in two minutes which is quite amazing.
  • The amazing design of this equipment allows you to restring without opening any screws or caps.
  • You just need to rotate the head to align with the interior and pass the string through it.
  • Balance the lengths of string on both sides and start rotating knob in the direction of arrow and your weed wacker would be ready to work again.

Final Thought:

Your weed wacker can be stringed in different ways depending on the model and specifications but you just have to follow few simple steps to make that happen.

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